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Hello^^how are you ?

These days I’m totally hooked on delicious food in “Okage-yokocho”
Akafuku is known as Ise-instituiton and famous souvenir

But this time I want to introduce another restaurant

That’s “Tofu-ya” In Ise city.

It’s a restaurant located on the fringe of “Okage-Yokochou”
Most people living in Ise city know the restaurant because it’s famous and popular.

The popularity has been spreading by word of mouth .


It’s very attractive in appearance.The building blends in with the scenery.

Try this “Tofu “lunch and dinner. Probably you can enjoy its rich taste

Have you ever had “Dengaku ,which is a kind of Tofu food ?


It’s char -broiled .and we eat them dressed with Miso -sauce .

How about going to “Akafuku” as a dessert?
Let’s leave room for dessert


Actually you can find and get it at Kiosk in Mie.
But this time I want you to feel its Atmosphere of the restaurant

Firstly visit Ise-shrine and then take a rest with sweet stuff and Japanese green tea


We’re looking forward to meeting you soon
Thank you Yuya

A letter from Ise

Ise Japanese blog here!!★(日本語ブログはこちら)
if you have any question ,contact me       Instagram:yuyasan0623

Hello, how’s it going ?
Japan is getting colder and colder.

we walk outside in a coat . Winter is just around the corner^^;

I went to The Grand shrine of Ise a few days ago.
unfortunately It was cloudy and felt a bit cold
but I could see many tourists there in spite of weekday and weather .

is it great ,is’t it ?

If you want to enjoy traveling to Ise city I want to recommend the route that
you go first to Geku area and then Naiku area .

you can fully enjoy yourself by doing this.

I want to tell you about The grand shrine of Ise .
The Grand shrine of Ise is not where we pray for what you want, you need.
It is said that It’s place that you appreciate what you have

so if you go and visit the shrine .let’s tell it about your address ,your name and
your feeling of gratitude

of course ,then you can enjoy Ise city.
what do you say to going to Okage Yokocho ?

just walk along the street, and you can feel Japan in old times
It’s like a transporting yourself back in time to old japan.

Don’t forget to take delicious food and beer !

and kind people in Ise city are waiting for you to come here

Thank you for reading Yuya Fujiki
if you have any question contact me: Instagram yuyasan0623

Futami city


I’d like to intoroduce one of the most famous popular destinations for tourists in Ise.


It’s called “Meoto-Iwa “in Futami-city.

You can see the two rocks bound by a bond .


A big one represents “a man ”
A small one represents ” a woman”


It ’s is said that it stands for the bonds of marriage


You can go there from Ise station by using JR train.
It takes 15minutes .



Ise City has some famous places.
Especailly The Grand Shirine of Ise .

But we mustn’t forget some nice places.
We don’t see many people here
so I want to recommend them.

if we step inside
We can feel a change of atmosphere

The place is called “Tsukiyominomiya”

You can drop in at the place by walking after visiting “Geku Area ”

About ten minutes’ walk can bring you to the palce from “Geku Area!

iriguti namae



Tsukino miya

shrineIf you go to the Inner shrine of Ise , How about going to “Tsuki no miya ?

You can walk there in about 20 minutes. It’s my favorite.


The Summit meeting

The summit meeting was held in Mie prefecture on 25th ,26th.
This time the proposed event site is ” Iseshima ”
It’s a region richly endowed with lots of nature and has its own cultures as represented by “Ama-san”
The place is suitable for a relaxing.

Prime minister Abe visited “The Gland Shrine of Ise “with the leaders of G7 and told them
the japananese culture and spirits.

By the way, this time We feel appreciated as the aspect of secuirty in Mie.
Japan increased and strengthen the the secuirity for the Summit. More than 24.000 police officers
came to keep it.


We could make a success of the Summit
But we mustn’t forget that a lot of people helped us .

We want to say ” thank you very much ”

The Golden Week holidays

we have the Golden Week holidays .
Unfortunately I have to work^^; but so many tourists are coming to Ise city.

It’s a lot of fun to search and discover the restaurants in Ise city !

How about making an eating tour during the holidays ?

akafukubutasutebeef doncoccotsweetsushi

Golden Week Holidays

Hello^^ good day outside.
We have been trying to make a success of the Summit in Mie
and can meet many people around the world here with increased attenton.

We have Goldern Week holidays in a week before the Summit in Mie.
We are looking forward to seeing you all !! Enjoy Ise city !!





walking in the Geku area

Hello ^^

It’s still cold outside.
But I can feel that Spring is just around the corner in Japan.

I walked in Geke area.
When I ‘m tired I walk inside the Geku area.

I can feel fresh air ,and something gives us power

anyway , I can feel refreshed and comforted.


sunshinewalk in Geku area

movie for Ise city

I made a movie for Ise city!

check you tube!



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